Me singing Rita Lee

Uma das melhores, uma das ORIGINAIS como raras que era. A forma como utilizava as palavras e frases para caber na melodia das suas canções fabulosas! Ela faz parte da minha infância e adolescência por culpa das #novelas que 'respiravam' suas #músicas Sou eu a cantar neste vídeo que contém algumas frases que aprecio e … Continue reading Me singing Rita Lee

Cantando Luz Casal

Yo cantando en directo Sin ensayo y sin micrófono Entre mis recuerdos #LuzCasal 🤭 Gracias a todos los países que hablan español, que visitan mi sitio web diariamente y escuchan mis 4 podcasts🙃 Os mando un beso a todos. Gracias desde el fondo de mi corazón. Más de 200 países 🌏 Y varias culturas muy … Continue reading Cantando Luz Casal

Singing Charlie Chaplin and International Voice Day

It's International VOICE Day, a very special day and Charlie Chaplin day, too. These are my favorite versions of the original song Smile, this is my raw take on this beautiful song, my raw voice, my raw version, no edit, no rehearsal just how feel it, real from the heart, this is my voice singing, … Continue reading Singing Charlie Chaplin and International Voice Day

Yeda sings Whitney Houston

Too marvelous for words 🎶 🎵

I'll have you know I didn't rehearse, and this is a small token of my appreciation to #franksinatra #sethmacfarlane #carygrant #alfredhitchcock @carygrant @alfredhitchcockofficial #cinema @sinatra #music @macfarlaneseth #tv #tvshow Subscribe to my shows #ARTinHEART🎙 #TheYedaRadio🎤 #VoxPapilio🦋 #VIPdossierTalks👄 #podcasts on #Apple #spotify #google #Amazon #stitcher 🫠😁✍️

Yeda (me) sings Pink Floyd’s ‘Wish you were here’

How on earth I got this deep voice and then I have the sweetest child girly voice, beats me! People always asked me to sing #pinkfloyd @pinkfloyd at karaoke bar 🍸 So, I sang it 🙄 "Wish you were here" is a true true true classic #sing

The Yeda Radio Podcast – Listen & Review on Goodpods

I’m the female @LIAMGALLAGHER @OASIS version? – The Yeda Radio 🎤 Challenge by my husband ACCEPTED 😅🫡😌☺️ I tried to channel that rustiness and accent and peculiar style of singing that my husband and I, love and adore, the fantastic @liamgallagher on the other day replied to me on #Twitter over a tweet about one of my loves ❤️ #georgemichael and of course I'll sing … Continue reading I’m the female @LIAMGALLAGHER @OASIS version? – The Yeda Radio 🎤

Simply Red and soccer players (video me singing)

All of me is made by all different types of music, including #Prince #simplyred #marillion #eagles and many types of music genres Thank you to those who listened to my #robertlewandowski and #zlatanibrahimovic podcast eps. #ARTinHEART🎙 is about very interesting people #VIP and also miscellaneous stuff always with amazing music 🎶 I love #modric and … Continue reading Simply Red and soccer players (video me singing)

Yeda sings Oasis Liam Gallagher unique style

The Yeda Radio: Yeda sings #OASIS for the first time on Apple Podcasts

Me singing Oasis This is me singing @liamgallagher @oasis for the first time,no rehearsal,no microphone, just the phone, just to tease my lovely husband☺️I didn't say "winding" 🙃 on purpose, for you to know that is actually me singing ☺️🫡 (available soon) #singing #TheYedaRadio🎤 #oasis #sing #tribute #homage


Me singing Whitney Houston 🫣🥹😶‍🌫️🥲 Before my sweet Michael Jackson, she was and still is, my first greatest love, my teachers at school used to ask me every single day to sing Whitney Houston, since then my voice changed a lot, I had a tumor in my vocal cords and thyroid, I got through it, then I … Continue reading Me singing Whitney Houston 🫣🥹😶‍🌫️🥲

YouTube ♥️ Yeda sings Whitney Houston 🎶

Yeda sings Whitney Houston (took a lot of courage to accept this challenge) raw mp3file on Apple Podcasts

BAYWATCH 😀😎❤️ Just a little something something of good old days, I used to rush to get home to catch this theme song 🎵 of #Baywatch and to watch the "Michael Knight" running towards me at the beach on the tv 📺 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 and the other handsome young men #davidhasselhoff was … Continue reading BAYWATCH 😀😎❤️

The Yeda Radio – Downloads links

Yeda sings Pedro Abrunhosa

Freddie Mercury “Face it alone” I heard it when it was released, and cried every second of it. I learned how to sing when trying to emulate @freddiemercury and these great lyrics surely describe my journey through life🤫🥲😶‍🌫️ #freddiemercury #Queen is really special to me The best compliment my listeners give to me is when they say I become … Continue reading Freddie Mercury “Face it alone”