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I’m the female @LIAMGALLAGHER @OASIS version? – The Yeda Radio 🎤 Challenge by my husband ACCEPTED 😅🫡😌☺️ I tried to channel that rustiness and accent and peculiar style of singing that my husband and I, love and adore, the fantastic @liamgallagher on the other day replied to me on #Twitter over a tweet about one of my loves ❤️ #georgemichael and of course I'll sing … Continue reading I’m the female @LIAMGALLAGHER @OASIS version? – The Yeda Radio 🎤

The Yeda Radio: Yeda sings #OASIS for the first time on Apple Podcasts

Me singing Oasis This is me singing @liamgallagher @oasis for the first time,no rehearsal,no microphone, just the phone, just to tease my lovely husband☺️I didn't say "winding" 🙃 on purpose, for you to know that is actually me singing ☺️🫡 (available soon) #singing #TheYedaRadio🎤 #oasis #sing #tribute #homage