The Byrds (David Crosby) One of my best reviews on my 4 podcasts was that I always choose the best songs in all types of genres #TheByrds were an American rock band formed in Los Angeles, California, in 1964. ... The band had multiple lineup changes throughout the years with past members: Roger McGuinn; Gene Clark; DAVID CROSBY … Continue reading The Byrds (David Crosby)

Crosby Stills Nash and Young There's so many great songs I sing in my head ever since I was a child going to school when I didn't have a walkman or discman, I would replay in my head the songs I listened in the radio, that's when I began to first learn English, with #movies and #music lyrics! After … Continue reading Crosby Stills Nash and Young

My personality is made of so many different things _video_

My personality is made of so many different things, including #brucelee #jeanclaudevandamme #karate #sylvesterstallone #arnoldshwarzenegger #kungfu #boxe #fightnight #movies they are so much more than your typical Saturday movie night, soundtrack, they feed my soul with adrenaline rush and strength!I'm a girl who likes romantic movies and #godfather but also these "boyish" movie #classics 🍿🥤🎥📽️ … Continue reading My personality is made of so many different things _video_

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Food for the heart and soul 💓

🍝🍱 From the heart ❤️ directly to the soul 🤤 🫠🥬🥒🫑🌶🧄🧅🍄🌽🥕 🫛🫚🌰🫘 🍔🍠🍝🍜🍛🍛🍙🍘🫕🥣🥗🍿🧈🥫🍱🎂🍩🍨🍦#food #foodporn #foodie #chef #foodblogger #foodphotography #foodblog #foodstagram

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ELVIS PRESLEY 🕊 Lisa Marie Presley 😪 Those who follow me since 2008 know I always follow my gut feeling, yesterday I was going to post about how I didn't do the live streaming about the #Elvis movie, tv series, documentary, the reviews YET, because I always go with my instincts, and for some weird reason I thought about waiting, and … Continue reading ELVIS PRESLEY 🕊 Lisa Marie Presley 😪

Workout Flashdance This song and scene from #Flashdance is the best #workout these moves are the best ever for you to stay in shape 😜☺️ My hair is exactly the same as hers 😂😍 I have to catch up on my daily trainings! #podcast #gymnastics 🏋️‍♀️ #gym 🤸‍♀️!fc2c6 reading Workout Flashdance

My wallets Bitcoin Satoshi I've been working on #bitcoin #sats #satoshi deals for a while now, and that way I help others, when you listen to my 4 shows on #valueforvalue #value4value #podcast apps there are so many, just find them on #podcastindex and you can earn crypto while you're listening to my 4 #podcasts and at the … Continue reading My wallets Bitcoin Satoshi

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Johnny Castle | Dirty Dancing | 💃 Sylvia’s tune soundtrack video Ladies & Gents I present to you one of my teen crushes #JohnnyCastle #DirtyDancing #movie one my favorite scenes with #SylviaMickey tune While I work long hours to fix a few issues with my 4 podcasts feed, it is so hard, but these are the fresh links to my 4 shows on #apple #iTunes … Continue reading Johnny Castle | Dirty Dancing | 💃 Sylvia’s tune soundtrack video

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Thank you for your patience 🙏 ☺️ To the sound of one of my favourite songs to sing and listen, I'm telling you I'M STILL HERE AND I AM INDEED SURVIVING many hardships, if you knew how many times I had to solve many issues with very bad people, they tried to steal my money, my good energy, my talent, my … Continue reading Thank you for your patience 🙏 ☺️

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Feliz Ano Novo 2023 🥳🎉🎊🥂🍾👫 Que este novo ano seja repleto de tudo de bom e do melhor que a vida pode oferecer, saúde, sorte, sucesso para nós, os nossos, para vós e os vossos!


Payment request for 100,000 satoshis -- lnbc1m1p36acktpp5e8gwp4hyan2k30hhmvw7xgq44jfrc3wjmcpa0n8rw79p52v3yyksdqvtfz5y32yg4zscqzpgxqzjcsp5d6kgmc587k6udnhg73xqd7w5dajuwy99qaktpfe686av3jf5td2s9qyyssq0ca3377kf0tf05xhcaxne9mtkguq0sffhnl72jn2l6yde8jxn5snd02avyyde57s540xrhv3jqyhxpuhnv74yvp665qdpmg8walzqfqppgrrz7

Pelé 🕊🫡🥺🩶 🎬

Pelé - O Nascimento de uma Lenda 🎬 Nascido na cidade mineira de Três Corações, Edson Arantes do Nascimento (Leonardo Lima Carvalho) desde menino demonstrou imensa habilidade ao jogar futebol, nos campos de várzea perto de sua casa. Incentivado pelo pai (Seu Jorge), ao crescer ele recebe a oportunidade de jogar na equipe do Santos. … Continue reading Pelé 🕊🫡🥺🩶 🎬

Feliz Natal a todos 🎄😊 Agora que 2022 está a chegar ao fim, hoje, noite de natal vou falar ao vivo com os subscritores e fãs dos meus 4 podcasts, eles vão poder telefonar-me para falar gratuitamente na app @castbox_fm no link do post anterior, ou nas stories. Eu vou contar tudo o que me aconteceu neste ano e … Continue reading Feliz Natal a todos 🎄😊