Epic – Michael J. Fox

https://www.instagram.com/p/CsIGIScMb1Z/?igshid=MTc4MmM1YmI2Ng== Astonishing work 👏one of the best docs I've ever seen 👏 @realmikejfox you are beyond words wonderful and what a story , what a life, what a talent, what a man! I'm so inspired by your courage and lovely personality ❤️ congrats @appletv @apple I loved it so much 👏

Cary Grant “Night and Day” Cole Porter

One of my #favorite #songs by the #talented #ColePorter and portrayed in #classic #movie by #charismatic ❤️🫠🥰😉😍😘😗 #handsome #CaryGrant 🥹https://silviadossantos.net/blog-posts/'Night and Day' is a 1946 American biographical and musical film starring #actor #carygrant in a fictionalized account of the life of American #composer and #songwriter #coleporter"Like the beat, beat, beat of the tom-tomWhen the jungle … Continue reading Cary Grant “Night and Day” Cole Porter


https://youtu.be/GEdRF-ZxrBc https://youtu.be/GEdRF-ZxrBc https://youtu.be/yvYaJ-gYRHA https://youtu.be/BerirsM8Nj8 https://youtu.be/hMkEZyvvAJM https://youtu.be/d7_0XNjPufo https://youtu.be/ib_eeft2BMg https://youtu.be/nxtP6YqvdWA https://youtu.be/jkPSdAD-Au0 https://youtu.be/m7KjQvMYTUo https://youtu.be/z3CotLGqURY https://youtu.be/TkXyCamrqBw https://youtu.be/CeAG1t6AtXU https://youtu.be/lg1NjiXkQ54 https://youtu.be/LvcBPgN3KEA https://youtu.be/Ymw6qrHmOsg https://youtu.be/1QGQrV8PiCY https://youtu.be/APvGBzUdPkU https://youtu.be/P8p-S-SsP44 https://youtu.be/cZm3BjKxK1A https://youtu.be/yHKEGwQ39_I https://youtu.be/YX0Np2FON9E https://youtu.be/20EjHCSYOxo https://youtu.be/6Gn5z9sCu6E https://youtu.be/DjPKL54inIY https://youtu.be/j34IdhOUFmg https://youtu.be/9DpB74ytVVg https://youtu.be/PmZN0rkXyNQ https://youtu.be/yDngxCqdzs0 https://youtu.be/-E8KDP9jXEA https://youtu.be/K91jshJHH74 https://youtu.be/F1w6OltZNhE https://youtu.be/lNmPPUrUsx8

JLo – Documentary

on the movie 'Enough' 🎬 🎞 I saw a @jlo that could be nominated. But I feel something within you is holding you back from giving it your all to a dramatic character. Somewhere in your future there will be a really good part on an amazing movie that will force you to show all … Continue reading JLo – Documentary

Next Podcast episodes: Tony Scott and Tom Cruise

I've been working on #tonyscott and #tomcruise #podcast eps. I watched last night #topgun 🎬 @topgunmovie #premiere 🎥 🎞 My mind went on a flashback to 80s @tomcruise and Tony Scott's image. As you know, I've been super busy with re-designing my website and I've been observing interviews, docs, films, tvseries, all related to Tom … Continue reading Next Podcast episodes: Tony Scott and Tom Cruise