BibOfir Fão “You make me feel, mighty real” – Sylvester

I’ve been recharging batteries🔋 with vitamin D 🌞☀️🌤🌅 in #Fão #Esposende #Apúlia This #song represents a time that I used to sing live shows at this place #BibOfir 🌴 #Pacha I was so happy singing there! I’ve met so many cool people! I passed by this amazing place and it’s closed 😩 If I were a millionaire, I’d buy it and make it a hotel restaurant and events near the beach ⛱️ 😎 It’s such a waste of beauty and great memories, such an amazing spot to have a business there, with the right marketing stunt, I would invest in it for sure 😀 beautiful #portugal @portugal

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