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I’m the female @LIAMGALLAGHER @OASIS version? – The Yeda Radio 🎤 Challenge by my husband ACCEPTED 😅🫡😌☺️ I tried to channel that rustiness and accent and peculiar style of singing that my husband and I, love and adore, the fantastic @liamgallagher on the other day replied to me on #Twitter over a tweet about one of my loves ❤️ #georgemichael and of course I'll sing … Continue reading I’m the female @LIAMGALLAGHER @OASIS version? – The Yeda Radio 🎤

Cary Grant and Butterflies- Vox Papilio 🦋 Podcast 🆕️🫡 New episode 🫠 on #VoxPapilio🦋 with a special appearance of the wonderful man that was #carygrant I love all the movies @carygrant starred in, and 'Once upon a time' 🎥 is about a 'peculiar dancing caterpillar' and a boy 👦🫶 or listen on any podcast platform / app available online

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Confesso – Amália Rodrigues (soon on The Yeda Radio)

One of the few portuguese Fado songs, that I sang live with my mom, in live performances for Radio Alfa, etc...

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The Unforgiven ☝️📈 In February, over 2 million people downloaded listened subscribed my 4 podcasts, and the episode where I #sing #WhitneyHouston reached in March 500000 listens and immediately put my podcast #TheYedaRadio🎤 in number 1☝️ on the #trending #music chart 📈 There's no impossible for me 😉 when I have #God Blessing me everyday, and Protecting … Continue reading The Unforgiven ☝️📈

She’s always a woman 👩 😍

I've recorded this poem to the sound of #milesdavis many years ago but I can't find the mp3 file, sadly 👩‍💻 I'll record it again, because it is so special to me 🤭 'Phenomenal Woman' #phenomenalwoman BY MAYA ANGELOU #mayaangelou #woman "Pretty women wonder where my secret lies. ... The grace of my style. I’m … Continue reading She’s always a woman 👩 😍

A few things worth mentioning…

A few things worth mentioning on this post: #comments #reviews by my #listeners #subscribers #followers ✍️👩🏻‍💻 #TomCruise I'm still studying you @tomcruise 👀 to do a #podcast episode about how talented you really are and you don't need an Oscar to prove you are already one of the best #actors Go watch #emancipation starring #willsmith … Continue reading A few things worth mentioning…

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Me singing Whitney Houston 🫣🥹😶‍🌫️🥲 Before my sweet Michael Jackson, she was and still is, my first greatest love, my teachers at school used to ask me every single day to sing Whitney Houston, since then my voice changed a lot, I had a tumor in my vocal cords and thyroid, I got through it, then I … Continue reading Me singing Whitney Houston 🫣🥹😶‍🌫️🥲

YouTube ♥️ Yeda sings Whitney Houston 🎶

Yeda sings Whitney Houston (took a lot of courage to accept this challenge) raw mp3file on Apple Podcasts

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11:11, comments, quotes, etc…

Boom💥erang effect 🪃 🤎 🟤🫡 What you give is what you get 🫣 😶‍🌫️ 🟪 # comments #website #new #subscriber #comentários 💻 👩🏻‍💻 🤓🧐🥸😎🙊🙉🙈🙀💌 🟫 Valentine's gifts 🎁🌹💐🍫🎂 🟩 #song #justintimberlake 🎵 🟨 #rip #raquelwelch #beautiful 🟦 #fcporto @fcporto 🐉🐲💙🤍 🟧 #quote #qotd #citações ✍️ 🟥 #savethechildren #help 🙏 #sharethemeal @sharethemeal @savethechildren … Continue reading 11:11, comments, quotes, etc…