Respect Queen Elizabeth II 🤍

As a child, learning English in school, I always admired Queen Elizabeth II 👑 I remember drinking 5 o'clock cup tea while listening "God Save the Queen" at school with my English teacher🥲 I always thought that Her Magesty the Queen of England would celebrate her 100th birthday, and I would repeat that day at … Continue reading Respect Queen Elizabeth II 🤍

JLo – Documentary

on the movie 'Enough' 🎬 🎞 I saw a @jlo that could be nominated. But I feel something within you is holding you back from giving it your all to a dramatic character. Somewhere in your future there will be a really good part on an amazing movie that will force you to show all … Continue reading JLo – Documentary

Will Smith & Muhammad Ali

Brilliance & Geniality on both ends @willsmith your humbleness is one virtue, that no one can, ever, erase from the magnitude of your talent each and every time you submerge yourself onto a character you play you become The Greatest in what you do, and @muhammadali was there to see you portraying #ALI You are … Continue reading Will Smith & Muhammad Ali

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