“Breathe” – Prodigy

Me & Myself & I😎 I've found some raw mp3 files from 11 years ago that I'll upload to my podcasts You should know that is not just Sade, is also Sia, Adele, so many others, you can find on my four podcasts. Reminiscing a time where I was a cool photographer for over 10yrs, … Continue reading “Breathe” – Prodigy

If you can’t say no – Lenny Kravitz

With your help by listening subscribing and also downloading my 4 shows, I help others, so, I am grateful 🙏 for having the most #wonderful 🥲 #listeners subscribers #followers a girl like me could dream having. 😊😀❤️ I often help some charity organizations and noble causes around the world, such as @doctorswithoutborders 🫶 Search for … Continue reading If you can’t say no – Lenny Kravitz