AI Yearbook (Whitesnake – “Here I go again”)

AI is the future and I’ve been studying AI features since 2021, I’ve used it to help me in the best way possible but like everything in life, there are pros and cons to every little thing in this life. You have to be intelligent and pay attention, I use it for good, not for evil. But you should take caution to what you post online, your kids, lack of privacy, etc. #ia #ai #bard That’s why I put my privacy first, above all things. Having 4 podcasts I was needing an assistant (for free 😉) and BARD saves me a lot of time working on my podcast episodes, soon I’ll do live streamings for #VIPdossierTalks👄 and I’ll record episodes for #VoxPapilio🦋 and #TheYedaRadio🎤 #ARTinHEART🎙 I’ve been staying at my hometown #Barcelos I’ll return to my #Porto home to my daily routine and studio. #whitesnake “Here I go again” #aiyearbook

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