It’s all coming back to me now – Celine Dion

I’ve been without the energy to post on social media and to my shows, lately I’ve been so desperate dealing with a bacteria on my skin, for 42 years I’ve had a great skin and at the pharmacy they sent me to emergency room at hospital 🏥 no one knows what’s in my body to make such a bad reaction, ever since I had surgery for tumor removal I’m all about healthy food and doctors haven’t seen anything like this before. Even my voice has been recovering, I don’t know how but I’m slowly getting my voice back and in summer time not being able to catch vitamine D. “Beach at night is safer” -they say. I love the sun, the beach ⛱️ My energy to do live streamings and podcast episodes is slowly coming, I won’t let this weird situation depress me. And just like @celinedion says “It’s all coming back to me now” All = Energy, Adrenaline, Focus, I never lost Faith in God. 🙏❤️‍🩹

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