Listen on Goodpods

Hey all! Quick note. I want to invite you to follow me on Goodpods. If you haven’t heard of it yet, it’s like Goodreads or Instagram — for podcasts. It’s new, it’s social, it’s different, and it’s growing really fast! On Goodpods we can follow each other to see what we’re all listening to and, like any other podcast player, you can search for shows and play them right on the app or web for free. And the part that I love best is that on Goodpods there is a comments section next to every episode where we can chat with each other. I’m excited to hear your feedback and questions about the show. You can find Goodpods on the web at or download the app. Or use the link in the show notes. My username is VIPdossier or Sílvia dos Santos. Follow me 😉

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