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4 thoughts on “listen here: LIVE STREAMING VIPdossier Talks

  1. Do you own Netflix? Do you watch Netflix?
    Would you enjoy having lots of brand purses?
    Would you prefer having your face in Dubai biggest building and New York Times Square trough your boyfriend fame and money, or through your talent?
    Would you sell for money and fame to tv your private painful moments in life, or would you expose your family and children for tv money fame?

    1. I don’t watch Netflix, and I don’t own it.
      I have a few bags or purses, cheap ones,not branded at all, and I prefer it that way, if I ever had the money to buy expensive branded clothes or bags, I would sell and send money to charity.
      I would prefer that my talent opened that reality for me, but I don’t dream of it, I don’t care actually, BUT I DON’T WANT TO BE KNOWN AS THE GIRLFRIEND OF, OR TO BE FAMOUS BECAUSE MY BOYFRIEND IS FAMOUS, I way more simple, I want MY TALENT to open the right doors for me, it’s already going well, and I have my listeners, followers, subscribers, to thank for.
      It’s Heartbreaking to see girls being a bad example for young girls, by exposing what should be respectfully private, to be rich and famous, it’s shameful, actually, is terrible.

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