It was my wedding anniversary and my husband surprised me with a fantastic dinner and I drank a margerita for the first time, I always prefer tea, water, or milk or fresh juice, at all times, but I was having fun with my lovely man, he says that I deserve to have many first times, I never traveled anywhere🌍 by plane ✈🛫🛬🛩 only visited Spain 🇪🇸 by car with school trips or trips, with family or with my husband. I respect people who enjoy drinking 🍸 but I? I need to have a 100% working brain 🧠 If I drink a Port Wine 🍷 or whatever, I can’t work on geek nerd tasks for my job, my brain ‘shuts down’ for super intelectual tasks, ahahah 😂 😅 🤣 😆 Pay attention to my stories or my blog posts on my website, the links I share with you are 200% safe, but what you don’t know, is that I work hard to make sure that the links I post and you click, that they are totally safe, I’m always one step ahead, the internet world is a complex world. But, no worries, peeps, I got you all covered. On the #igstories I’ll be sharing throughout this week, all the safest apps to listen to my four shows, the mp3 files, and also how to subscribe, how to comment, how to be on this #podcasting journey with me!!!

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