Another subject for a #livestreaming I’m working on, the natural body with no aesthetic surgeries, when you eat #healthy and don’t eat a lot but gain weight just by working a lot sitting in front of a computer, well that happens I will talk about my struggle as a girl who’s trying to go back to size 4 or 6, but accepting size 6 or 8, because I am struggling finding time to deal with so much work, and I love working, and I also love working out, I’m trying to find balance. I have 4 podcasts and 2500 emails almost per day or per week. I dealt with horrific hackers 2 weeks straight 😢 Money I earnt that was to help many people I help every month, was stolen from me, had to deal with that, cried, cried again, picked up the pieces, mostly alone, because my husband is an amazing person, but he doesn’t understand the work involved. Coding, geek 🤓 stuff, website design, so many codes everyday, safety online, and this is only for website, oh oh Let me get to the creating feed and more codes, geek nerd 🤓 😀 job that I do. Sound editing, recording with some issues, not having some things to complete some episodes right away, crying over it, the frustration, I LOVE LOVE #LOVE MY JOB THAT INVOLVES MANY MANY DIFFERENT TASKS EVERY DAY. FEELING OVERWHELMED WITH SO MUCH LOVE MY #LISTENERS AND MY #SUBSCRIBERS MY #FOLLOWERS I CAN SAY THAT MY BODY IS TIRED FROM THE PARTS THAT ARE HARD. BUT TO BE ABLE TO LIVE FROM THIS PASSION OF PODCASTING, IT’S NOT EASY. If you knew how much I work every single day, you really have to love this profession. 97% is tears of JOY and fulfillment, dream come true the rest 3% is tears of fear, despair, but I LOVE #PODCASTING #SINGING doing VOICES WHILE TELLING #KIDSSTORIES At the end of the day it’s you, all alone you, you have to be strong, you have to face everything alone hopefully with a hug 🫂 from your husband, best friend etc… If I didn’t love myself, if I didn’t love what I do for a living, only #God Knows where I would be. He Makes me stronger abd Protects me everyday!!!

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