My #Birthday 19th of June

My #Birthday 🎂🥳🎉 19th of June👀🎈🎁🎊🍰 is coming soon 🔜🤗😜🤩🤭 I’m updating my website, I’ve been experiencing a few disappointments😞 I admit I trust easily but I’m learning to be more #suspicious 🤔 With an huge #success having my 3 #Podcasts in the TOP Charts all around the world 🌎 💯 I’ve been dealing (unfortunately) with very very bad, dishonest people 😕 😢 who took real advantage of my success I cried a lot and then I remembered the words of #SteveJobs @brucelee etc… Success can bring attention of some nasty people 🤐 I love helping others genuinely, and I always try to see the good side of everyone!!! #BigMistake Pay attention to all the pages on my #website I’ve been receiving so much #love 🙏

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