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ARTinHEART - A Christmas ☃️ Live Show🎄 with all the Classics 🎶🎶 (written messages and calls from followers)🎑🪄❄🎼🎅 no ZenoPlayer

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Love is all around – The Yeda Radio

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Feliz Aniversário, mãe 🌹

Have you heard the episode dedicated to my #mother #AnaMaria released in 2021?Today, November 17th is her #birthday choose your favorite app to listen: #HappyBirthday #SpecialDay #Mãe

Cantando Gal Costa

Eu publiquei o meu novo episódio Tribute to GAL COSTA (Brazilian singer), venha conferir!

Veja “#tributo @VIPdossier #singing #galcosta” no YouTube Me and my husband #singing without rehearsing, trying to pay tribute to the wonderful #Brazilian singer #galcosta"Trem das onze" & "Dia de domingo"( #song #timmaia @timmaia.oficial )⚪️⚪️⚪️Rest in peace @galcosta 🎼🎙🥺💕❤️❤️❤️#Subscribe to #TheYedaRadio 🎤

Singing live on TIKTOK INSTAGRAM Tribute to Gal Costa

Selfie 🤳

Apparently #Sonnet placed #ARTinHEART🎙 as one of the most popular music podcasts on their app 🙏 A challenge for my #subscribers #loyal #listeners #followers go to Google Play Store or Apple Store and download any #podcast player of your choice, and try to find my 4 shows there! I'm curious to see if you choose … Continue reading Selfie 🤳

The Yeda Radio Podcast

 The Yeda Radio  By: Yeda aka Sílvia dos Santos Arts … Continue reading The Yeda Radio Podcast

Vox Papilio Podcast

Vox Papilio By: Sílvia dos Santos Arts Performing Kids Family Stories A channel of Fairytale Story 📖 #reading #voiceacting impersonating voices full of 🦋butterflies and cotton candy 🍬 made with love for the children and grown-ups (why not?!?) ARTinHEART TheYedaRadio VoxPapilio... Copy RSS Value for Value via Lightning @vipdossier on Fountain Fountain Trailer … Continue reading Vox Papilio Podcast


ARTinHEART By: Sílvia dos Santos Arts Music Society Culture Documentary PODCAST ABOUT VERY INTERESTING PEOPLE … Continue reading ARTinHEART PODCAST

VIPdossier Talks Live Streaming Podcast

Ouça "VIPdossier Talks" no Spreaker. VIPdossier Talks By: Sílvia dos Santos Music Society Culture Tv Film Live Streaming on YouTube, or anywhere else. Chatting with listeners about serious subjects or not so serious. Conversations. Commenting, reviewing, and suggesting the best films, best directors, best producers, best books, … Continue reading VIPdossier Talks Live Streaming Podcast

Thank you for helping me help others 🤝

When you #listen #download #share my shows on all the #podcast players apps android/iOS, you are helping me to help others, me and my loyal #listeners #subscribers #followers are in this journey together! May God Bless you all🙏 https://silviadossantosnet/podcasts/ #podcasts

I have the best listeners 😀

With a tear in my brown hazelnut eyes 👀🤭😢 I am in awe 😌of the best #subscribers #listeners #followers I could ever asked for🦋 even if I live 300 years,🥺 I won't be able to show you all my esteem, my gratitude, my love for you!!! 🥲🥰🤩 From spending a couple years of my life … Continue reading I have the best listeners 😀

Happy Halloween to my followers subscribers listeners

#HappyHalloween #Halloween2022 #Podcast Find your favourite #podcasting app to listen to it: #Halloween #SpookySeason #podcastlifestyle

ARTinHEART – 5th Live Chat (Halloween best horror movies and worst, and stories) – Listen on Fountain

ARTinHEART – Mark Knopfler Phil Collins Dire Straits Genesis on Stitcher

Freddie Mercury “Face it alone” I heard it when it was released, and cried every second of it. I learned how to sing when trying to emulate @freddiemercury and these great lyrics surely describe my journey through life🤫🥲😶‍🌫️ #freddiemercury #Queen is really special to me The best compliment my listeners give to me is when they say I become … Continue reading Freddie Mercury “Face it alone”

Happy Halloween 🎃 #thriller by #MichaelJackson

Unfortunately the #Thriller #zombies in 'real life' keep creeping out searching for more money 💰💸 even after @michaeljackson unfortunate death 😢 All that I have searched, investigated day and night, all that I've listened to, that I have read, all versions, I'll discuss everything when I do a podcast episode on #michaeljackson you will see … Continue reading Happy Halloween 🎃 #thriller by #MichaelJackson

Singing Michael Jackson 🕴

I have got @michaeljackson written all over me, and my personality!!! I'm proud of being able to fully comprehend #michaeljackson gentle soul. Find your favorite #podcast app to #listen to me fulfilling a great #challenge of #singing along #MJ without shedding many tears, I had to fight the tears 🕴 🔗 #tribute reading Singing Michael Jackson 🕴

Growing up reading Agatha Christie….

Growing up reading #AgathaChristie thinking I would be a detective, like Jessica Fletcher 🕵‍♀️🕵‍♂️ "Murder she wrote" tv character played by the talented #AngelaLansbury Rest in peace, Angela But I also wanted to sing and dance because of my love #michaeljackson I'm not able to do a podcast episode on him yet, I've been preparing … Continue reading Growing up reading Agatha Christie….

Michael Jackson (my love ❤️ )