🇲🇦😞🙏💔😢🤍 #Morocco “Mundo do avesso” – ‘A Garota Não’ (portuguese song)

When I started my old blog in 2008 I chose this Moroccan picture with #Art by #Morocco 🇲🇦 #Culture 🤍 to put as the layout of my blog 📸 Since then, I’ve listened to stories told by my husband of his business trip to Casablanca, and Marrakech He bought me a beautiful scarf of Moroccan fabric, and now I’ve got many podcast listeners, website subscribers, and followers from Morocco 🇲🇦 I’ve been without a reaction to the horrific news of so many lives lost and shattered in the earthquake 😢💔🙏😞 #🇲🇦 #song #portuguese #band – ‘A Garota Não’ – “Mundo do avesso” https://www.instagram.com/p/CxBfA2zIWEQ/?igshid=MTc4MmM1YmI2Ng==

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