My heroes ❤️ Podcastindex ❤️ Podnews ❤️

I knew I could count on you guys
It may feel like some podcasters don’t care but I do care, that you guys are our heroes ❤️
I help charity with very little money because since a child I saw my mom and grandma give to others while themselves were poor, your work is not charity, you deserve a huge paycheck for what you do, I APPRECIATE YOU ❤️ You guys matter, without you guys I couldn’t live my dream, I suffered a lot in life, but I always managed to know or meet or work with talented good people like you all (podnews podcastindex and people working on the apps ❤️)

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5 thoughts on “My heroes ❤️ Podcastindex ❤️ Podnews ❤️

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