It’s my #Birthday yay yupppiiii older one year 💃🕺🩰🥂🎊🥳🪅🍻🎂🥳🎉🎈🎁🎊🍰

It’s my #Birthday yay yupppiiii older one year🎈 Many of have been subscribing my blog posts on website First time I fell in love with @michaeljackson ‘s voice, was due to this song I listened to with my grandmother right by my side, now I listen to these lyrics and it’s hard because she’s no longer here with me, but my hero my mom ❤️ is here!!! I’m grateful for my mom🙏🥲 I miss my grannie Rosa, though❤️ Thank you for the love you all show to me in various ways and to those who really love me, I know who you are! 😉🫠🤩🥰

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