Yeda sings Whitney Houston (took a lot of courage to accept this challenge) raw mp3file

Before my sweet Michael Jackson, she was and still is, my first greatest love, my teachers at school used to ask me every single day to sing #WhitneyHouston since then my voice changed a lot, I had a tumor in my vocal cords and thyroid, I got through it, then I never fully recovered from a nasty cold I had, so, that’s why when you listen to me singing on my #TheYedaRadio🎤 you hear me clearing up my sore throat muscles, my subscribers followers listeners challenge me to sing many different artists bands I’m going to be honest with you, I have many many influences to my voice, Freddie Mercury Elton John George Michael Lauryn Hill Sade and many others, but reminiscing my childhood singing Whitney it makes me cry, knowing she’s with angels now, I can’t shake it, I cry and you can hear the tears in my voice, but I never said No to a challenge, since Whitney died I stopped singing her songs, it always gets too emotional for me, I’m a perfectionist and I no longer have that clear angelical voice when I used to sing at school, bare with me, if you hear my tears when I sing this amazing woman that is Whitney Houston, I love her far too much, please forgive me for accepting this challenge, subscribe to my podcasts’s updates on:

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