Happy Valentine’s Day 💗 💕 💓 💖

He gives me flowers, love notes, much more, when it’s not Valentine’s Day, and today on #valentinesday before I woke up, he put these special little hearts everywhere, throughout the entire house, for me to see them when I wake up, he doesn’t have to be rich and he doesn’t have to buy me expensive futile stuff or diamonds, whatever, he knows me, he knows I am not a fan of ostentation, so, therefore, love is always in the simple details, everyday, love it’s in the details. We live in a #private way to protect our #love from a few wandering eyes. Happy Valentine’s Day to my lovely husband, to me, and to all of my #listeners #subscribers #followers I chose the Special Love episodes of my #podcasts 🎙️🦋🎤💋🎼🎧🍾🥂❤️ @sade has been one of my favourite artists since I was a kid, that’s why I did an episode about #sade back in 2020 I recorded the #podcast episode 👩‍💻 https://radiopublic.com/artinheart-WlDNle/ep/s1!0c631 https://radiopublic.com/artinheart-WlDNle/ep/s1!f0694 https://radiopublic.com/artinheart-WlDNle/ep/s1!9daac https://open.spotify.com/episode/37MUVeeUKkj3Tm9kKXuu2d?si=31ZgmPX3QcyP3fxd9RunLA https://open.spotify.com/episode/6S8XaeqkKstfCEVKwRCKp8?si=zPpRCjpBSrKHRk4ezAWyvQ https://open.spotify.com/episode/4qRm7TjXYsIhkkJPIzywHu?si=Jlcb15f8SIaBzkNpiE_5uQ https://open.spotify.com/episode/3vFS1ZaVfIpYuiUyoOCtas?si=_1bNpUrEQcSb0Jemih0-Mw https://goodpods.app.link/xc4KwBkDpxb https://goodpods.app.link/2xmlix9Ttwb https://www.podcastrepublic.net/episode/78765071300 https://www.podcastrepublic.net/episode/78765071284 https://www.podcastrepublic.net/episode/78765071315 https://doublepod.page.link/YNrsJzmZJ6Eku39XA https://doublepod.page.link/PnFYr783a2ApiSPBA https://doublepod.page.link/LmbsccdcAPAxhmmdA https://doublepod.page.link/RfHUrHhmFhAhac6t6 https://doublepod.page.link/4tq4jCPQVLSPofcQ7 https://www.instagram.com/reel/CopE6OZI_ms/?igshid=MDJmNzVkMjY=

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