To cut a long story short 🎶 Spandau Ballet 🎧

This journey of mine is full of great things, amazing accomplishments but also a few bad situations, to cut a long story short, I had to deal with very bad people who try to ruin my great success as a podcaster, and my loyal listeners subscribers, also followers experienced on apps a few mishaps with the feed of my 4 shows IF THAT HAPPENS it won’t last, but if you want to listen to my 4 podcasts just go to: BUT EVENTUALLY APPS WILL PLAY MY SHOWS AGAIN 😅 Lord help me dealing with bad seeds in this world, dealing with envious people 😝 They don’t win but they try 🙄🤫🤓 Search: Sílvia dos Santos 🔎 #podcasts #website #music #song #SpandauBallet @spandauballet 🎧

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