■ Fé ■ Foco ■ Força ■

I often say: #Fé #Foco #Força 🌝to strive towards sustainable success, you need #faith #focus #strength because there will be long hours of hardworking strategies to make people around the world listen 👂 to you, having said that, I’m #grateful for this distinction🙏 between 4million #podcasts @goodpods ™️ recommended 👀 on their amazing app, my live show about the one and only @britneyspears (I love you, girl) Besides being every single week on their TOP100 best podcasts in many categories I’m humbled by your gesture #goodpods I started podcasting in 2008, back when it wasn’t a thing yet, but I took it seriously in 2020, since then I’ve been on worldwide charts in the TOP15 and being the top3% of most popular podcasters in the world, I’ve been with my 4 podcasts in 1/ 2/3/4 places positioned all together, WAIT wait WHAT?? Yes my 4 podcasts in the TOP5 positioned in 1st 2nd 3rd 4th ( #Blessed ) https://www.goodpods.com/episodes/20589340 https://silviadossantos.net https://www.instagram.com/p/Ci-wIQboUC1/?igshid=MDJmNzVkMjY=

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