Growing up reading Agatha Christie….

Growing up reading #AgathaChristie thinking I would be a detective, like Jessica Fletcher 🕵‍♀️🕵‍♂️ “Murder she wrote” tv character played by the talented #AngelaLansbury Rest in peace, Angela But I also wanted to sing and dance because of my love #michaeljackson I’m not able to do a podcast episode on him yet, I’ve been preparing myself for that day, I’ve been watching his things and I tell you @michaeljackson I see you for who you are, a good genuine soul instrument of God and some people can live a 1000 years and still they won’t be capable of seeing your #soul the way I see it. I noticed we share a lot of things in common. Michael won’t ever be understood 🤫 Also, I’ve been working hard on #ARTinHEART #TheYedaRadio #VoxPapilio #VIPdossierTalks Thank you to my #subscribers #followers on: 💻👩🏻‍💻

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