Coolio Tribute

Fun fact in a sad sad day, when going onto one of the many tv castings I sang, one of them I had to sing something cliché, and I still remember till this day their faces in shock when I started singing acapella this outstanding artist #coolio I was a rebel to them, because I didn’t sing the cliché tune I grew up jamming to #Tupac #LaurynHill and the coolest of the cool @coolio 👀the man🙏 #subscribe to my #TheYedaRadio #podcast to receive #notification when I upload my humble #tribute to one of my favorite #artists of all times, Coolio was the real thing, ladies & gents. I’ll even try to do his rap 🤔 Many layers to my personality have a lot to do with these artists I grew up listening to🎧 Pick an app 👂where you can subscribe:

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