Respect Queen Elizabeth II 🤍

As a child, learning English in school, I always admired Queen Elizabeth II 👑 I remember drinking 5 o’clock cup tea while listening “God Save the Queen” at school with my English teacher🥲 I always thought that Her Magesty the Queen of England would celebrate her 100th birthday, and I would repeat that day at school. Read what I wrote on my page (swipe to see) about her love ❤️ I’m a huge admirer of this remarkable terrific woman. From a young age to be crowned #Queen 👸🏻👑 These are truly tough shoes to fill. My humble tribute to her: “From one Alexandra to another you were by far an admirable woman, tradition died with you, things won’t be the same. My respect for you is beyond words, may you rest in Peace🤍🕊 dear Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, The QUEEN”

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