Miles Teller & Tom Cruise

Yesterday once more, anticipating the ‘much_awaited’ premiere😅of ONE OF MY FAVORITE film’ sequel reminiscing the hot 1980s ‘aroma’ Taking notes📝 of @tomcruise 😙 active life, and, a very much active career, I see in #milesteller what #TomCruise saw, he’s the future in cinema, the perfect Goose’s son I have been following the career of @real.milesteller ever since I saw his indie films. I mentioned his name on my podcast episode about @thegodfathermovie 😎🧐 because of his role on #TheOffer #makingof #TheGodfather 🎥🎞 The episode I’m doing on cool Tom Cruise has been, by far, the most challenging yet, he has so many wonderful layers within his own character, his own ‘personna’ , as the characters he plays in movies #PodcastARTinHEART @topgunmovie #TopGunII 🙂🙃

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