Tribute to Alaide Costa, one of the best Brazilian🇧🇷 female singers of all time

The talent of this woman, it amazes me. She is a true visionnaire. Her music is quite necessary 😌 I was challenged today, to sing her song without microphone ,without any editing ,without any type of voice  embellishments. I really hope I do her voice justice.  @alaidecostaoficial  🇧🇷 eu te adoro, viu?! Beijos de Portugal 🇵🇹  para você linda!

me desafiaram a cantar você @alaidecostaoficial minha linda, vou tentar que você goste da minha tentativa de cantar você, maravilhosa ❤️ beijinhos de Portugal 🇵🇹 😍 #Brazil #brasil #musicabrasileira #portugal #tributo


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